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Excerpts from the Silbert Records catalogue

Catalogue: Artists
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Music by Chris Neal and Braedy Neal
Lyrics by John Patterson

Gentle, nostalgic songs and themes composed by Chris Neal, one of Australia's most experienced screen composers.

With meaningful, sentimental and philosophical lyrics by series writer John Patterson, you'll find yourself singing along without even realising it! These songs will stick with you for a long time.

The songs were written for a Johnson & Friends album originally released in 1992, and were later heard in the television series and stage shows.


Music Consultant: Chris Neal
Music Director: David Cheshire

Produced in 1992 with a second series produced in 1994, Lift-Off was a staple of Australian children's entertainment in the early 90s, and the series soundtrack is no different.

With songs written by over 30 different composers and lyricists and lead by Chris Neal and David Cheshire, Lift-Off's musical style is very broad and covers many different styles and genres.

Most of the songs were written by Chris Neal, Michael Atkinson and David Cheshire with lyrics from the likes of Bob Ellis, Garth Boomer and Chris Anastassiades.



Music and Lyrics by Dennis Scott

Catchy, unforgettable Broadway-styled songs from the mind of Nashville-based composer Dennis Scott - as heard on the PBS children's series 'Noddy'.

Performed by some of the finest vocal and musical talent available in Nashville at the time, the songs are outliers in comparison to most children's music produced in the United States - with an authentic, live quality to them, it is very hard to top these songs.

These songs have never been commercially available outside of television broadcasts, so for the very first time, Silbert Records intends to bring the world a remastered, carefully-curated compilation album!


Music and Lyrics by Paul K. Joyce

Wistful, peaceful underscore from the iconic children's series produced by Cosgrove Hall for the BBC.

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Music by Richard Berg
Lyrics by Tish Rabe

The FOX Cubhouse was an anthology puppet series which also served as the introduction of Johnson & Friends to the United States.

While the songs aren't very long, they are most certainly earworms. They will be compiled and included on the second Johnson & Friends release from Silbert Records.

Silbert Records also takes its name from one of the series' puppet characters, Silbert the Dinosaur.


Music by Robert Moss
Lyrics by John Patterson

Boffins was a short-lived but lovely educational series produced by the creators of Johnson & Friends.

While it never went to air in Australia, the series was released on video and was also shown internationally.

The 14 songs featured in this series are short but sweet, with unforgettable lyrics by John Patterson, the mastermind behind the Johnson & Friends stories.

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Songs composed by Franciscus Henri, Scott Browne, George Spartels and Gillian Eastoe.

Original theme song by John Pye.

Ferry Boat Fred was Australia's answer to 'Thomas the Tank Engine' -- produced by John Pye for the ABC, the series saw a short run in Australia and overseas. 

An album was produced in 1992 with songs written by various established children's artists, and is now available again through Silbert Records!


Songs composed by Scott Browne, Gillian Eastoe, George Spartels, Franciscus Henri, Ian Catchlove, Robyn Archer, Noni Hazlehurst, Floyd Vincent, Jenny Hunter-Brown, Margaret Hetherington and Tania Bowra. 

Original theme song composed by Jenny and Geoff Ayling.

NOTE: Album only available as physical; ABC Music have reissued a digital version which you can easily find on all good platforms.

Mr. Squiggle was at one stage Australia's most popular children's character. On the air until the late 90's-early 00's, the show has sadly been forgotten.

An album was produced in 1992 with songs written by various established children's artists, and will soon be available again through Silbert Records!

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Music Director: David Cheshire
Various Composers

Elvis-inspired 'didgibilli' rock songs from the ever-popular TV series, from the makers of Lift-Off and Round the Twist.


Music and Lyrics by Mike McNaught and other associated writers

Music and songs produced by Mike McNaught either in connection with the 70s Noddy TV series, or for story records.

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Music by Stewart Long and Lyall McDermott, Lyrics by John Honey

A very obscure ABC series, Problem Creek's soundtrack album is now available!


Various writers

Music from the obscure ABC TV series.

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