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About Us: Welcome


A little about us, and the boss man, Joey.

Silbert Records began life as a pipe dream in the head of young entrepreneur Joseph Marshall. With a focussed and borderline obsessive interest in children's television programs and their soundtracks, there was no one better to take the reigns of a record label specialising in this kind of release.

Mentored by the likes of Chris Neal, Dennis Scott and other established composers who have written similar soundtracks, Joseph has finally made Silbert Records a reality.

We at Silbert Records have an interest in vintage video and audio formats, encompassing both digital and analogue. This is partly why we have decided to press our music on vinyl and cassette, as well as more traditional CD and digital releases.

As an autistic person, Joseph has had a hard time adjusting to society; but over time has been able to make himself feel more comfortable in his own body.

Joseph feels that with the launch of Silbert Records; his long-time passion for these TV series' and their soundtracks has paid off. 

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