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Here, we intend to showcase the composers, lyricists and other creatives behind some of the soundtracks we distribute.

Creative Individuals: Artists


Composer; Johnson & Friends / Lift-Off

Chris Neal is, in our opinion, one of the most skilled screen composers of the last century. His scores for films and series such as "Celia", "Grievous Bodily Harm", "Crosstalk", "Bodyline" and "Buddies" have become iconic, not only within Australia but all over the world. 

Chris has also scored and written songs for some of Australia's most memorable children's series' - including Johnson & Friends and Lift-Off, which we at Silbert Records are proud to showcase.

Silbert Records' founder and owner, Joseph Marshall, is proud to call Chris Neal a close friend and mentor.

Visit his website at


Lyricist: Johnson & Friends / Boffins

John Patterson was perhaps one of the most talented Australian writers/lyricists of all time. His television writing credits are extensive and he has penned two children's musicals as well as several Johnson & Friends stage shows.

John wrote all of the Johnson & Friends song lyrics, showcasing a previously undiscovered talent. We at Silbert Records are proud to showcase his work.

John sadly passed away in February 2016.

JohnPatterson (1).png


Songwriter: Noddy in Toyland

A two-time Grammy winner and possibly one of the few American composers/songwriters who knows how to write kids music that doesn't patronise and entertains all ages.

His songs for the PBS series "Noddy in Toyland" are a prime example of this. Through these songs, Dennis demonstrates a clear knowledge and understanding of almost every genre and style. Dennis is based in Nashville, TN; and some of the best talent in the area, both vocal and musical, were involved in the Noddy project.

We at Silbert Records are more than proud to feature his work in our collection, and as part of our upcoming albums.

Joseph Marshall, owner of Silbert Records, is happy to call Dennis a close personal friend and mentor.

Visit his website at


Lyricist: Lift-Off

Bob Ellis is a well-known, iconic Australian writer, known for his political commentaries and theatre work, as well as his film "The Nostradamus Kid", which was scored by Chris Neal.

Bob collaborated with Chris Neal on a number of occasions, including many songs in the first series of Lift-Off.

With a realistic, if sometimes skewed and harsh view of the world, the songs he co-wrote with Chris are a work of art.

Bob sadly passed away in 2016.



Lyricist: Lift-Off 2 / Lift-Off Live

Chris Anastassiades is an experienced screenwriter, and has worked extensively with the Australian Children's Television Foundation; penning and editing scripts for series such as Lift-Off, Li'l Elvis Jones and the Truckstoppers, Noah & Saskia and Round the Twist.

He has also written song lyrics for both Lift-Off and Li'l Elvis, and some of these songs are proudly featured on our releases.


Composer/Lyricist: Noddy's Toyland Adventures.

Paul K. Joyce is an experienced composer who has worked extensively in children's television - he has composed the music for Noddy and even wrote the iconic Bob the Builder theme song.

Paul's music for Noddy will be seeing a release from us at Silbert Records very soon.

In the meantime, please check out his music work here: and his writing work here:



In-House Graphic Designer, Silbert Records

A long-time friend of SR founder Joseph Marshall and a fellow TV enthusiast, it came as no surprise that Adam would get involved with Silbert Records.

Many of the cover art and logo cleanups you will see on our site and our releases were done by Adam, painstakingly remastered from scratch.

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